31 July 2013

Sometimes you need to turn off the computer and live.

This quote from the refresh book makes perfect sense to me, and I've been making some big attempts to live it out more. I found myself sitting at home more than I should, typing more than I should, and not spending nearly enough time loving the people in my life.

Here's a glimpse into how I've been living life a bit more intentionally:

Armed with my niece, my sister and I hit up America for a day. It was fun to just have fun, have little agenda, and just laugh a lot.

Lately I am turning into a crafty kinda girl. I've never been this girl before, so it's a fun shift in myself. My walls are covered in things I've thought up myself, and I'm being intentional to hand make cards instead of buying them. 

Next up, a new hair cut! One week into the new do, I still kinda freak out whenever I look in the mirror. THIS IS SO BLONDE!

I drove from my haircut to meet up with my friend Emily. Em and I grew up together, from early elementary, all through high school, and we've remained close friends even until now. It was a good day.

July was filled with weddings! My friend Megs, who I lived with for a year got married to James, and my friend Rena got married to Lucas. Sweet sweet days.

Other than that, I've spent time eating ice cream (multiple times I should add), going for walks, writing, laughing, making memories, and having good and sweet conversations. I'm grateful for this summer. It's a beautiful one.

P.S. See that beautiful necklace. My sweet friend Amber made it for me. It's got my blog logo on it! Isn't that amazing?!?

Finally, a verse I am currently chewing on, resting in, and just repeating to myself over and over.

Thanks for being a part of my life sweet friends. I'm truly thankful for this space, for the friends that show up each day, and for the memories I'm building here.

30 July 2013

{a walk through} psalm 61

lead me to the rock that is high than I

The line lead me to the rock that is higher than I has been just causing me to stop, sit down, and just rest in the Lord. I want to rest in God so well. I want to trust Him so much more than I am. I'm so grateful for God.

29 July 2013

Girl Behind the Blog: Encouragement

Oh my word. This is a good day!

I'm so excited, honoured, and just plain 'ol thrilled to be co-hosting the Girl Behind the Blog today with Ashley of written on her heart.

living a life of encouragement

I am very talented at photoshopping. RIGHT?!?!

I talked a little bit about Ashley last week, but I want to do it some more! Ashley is great. Seriously. She has this ability to share the goodness of the gospel with a very honest and bold kindness that I don't see everywhere. She's quick to supplement her wisdom with scripture (as any God fearing woman should), and she's also gracious to extent warmth to everybody she encounters. She is someone who embodies encouragement.

Up until a few months ago, Ashley blogged under the namesake 5ohwifey, which I'm told is cop language! :) She shared a lot of good stuff on her old blog, and has been really wise after recently having a baby to take a bit of a step back from writing in order to really love the days she is in. I truly respect her for that.

Anyway. Ashley is back in full force today to bring back the very best linkup around! What makes this linkup so great is that this linkup is for everybody! If you've got a camera and a couple minutes to spare, share a little bit of your heart! All you have to do is make a video that is 2-3 minutes long, upload it, follow both my blog and Ashley's blog, and then spend some time loving on each other in the link up. I am always so encouraged by the vlogs that I watch! It's great to hear what people have to say, and to get to know each other better.

Before I share my vlog, I wanted to share 3 quick tips to making a great vlog:

1. Stick to the prompt and time limit. It takes a long time to watch all of these videos, and I know that Ashley always watches them all, I tend to, and I'm pretty sure I could name off a few other great friends of ours who do the same. It's a big commitment. Keep it short and sweet. People will like you for that!

2. Act like yourself.  One thing I often find when I watch vlogs is that people tend to whisper. Pretend the camera is a friend. Speak up. Speak normal. You don't have to yell, but you also really don't need to whisper.

3. Plan what you're going to say. You're more likely to stick to the prompt and the time limit if you've plotted out how long your intro should take (say 30-45 seconds) and then give yourself about 30 seconds per question. That gives you about a 30-45 second leeway at the end if you've gone over.

Now that I've shared those 3 tips, you should know that I only followed the second tip. Whoops.

There you have it.

I've got so much more to say about encouragement, but I think I'll save it for another day. If you've got a few minutes, I've written about encouragement before. I shared about tangible encouragement, 5 tips to a joyful life, and why I love getting mail.

I'm so glad you're here and I'm so thankful for you taking the time to watch my video. Be sure to follow my blog and Ashley's blog, share the button, and then link up!! THEN tell everybody you know and get them to link up too!

26 July 2013

taking a minute or less

I wanted to take a minute or less to share some of my favourite images that have floated around this space. I find it so fun to create the images that I use around here.

For everything that I make, I utilize a website called pixlr.

Be sure to check out my pinterest boards if you want to see more, or just click around here!

24 July 2013

refresh: the concept of a second day

On Wednesdays, I share practical ways that I'm seeking to refresh my life. A series largely inspired by the REFRESH book by Hayley Morgan and Jessi Connolly.

So far I've shared about the book itself, 5 practical tips to a joy filled life, how I now wear blush,
oh, and lipstick too (p.s. more to come on lipstick in the next few weeks), and 6 intentional ways to refresh your life.

the refresh book

Today I want to expand on a concept that Hayley referenced in the book: the idea of a second day.

I had a girl I worked with who was wonderful and tough. She was young, elementary school aged, had gone through a tough life, was emotional, and was desperate for attention. I don't say desperate in a way that means anything poorly against her by the way. Her life had caused her to be absolutely needing somebody to love her, to listen, to let her be a kid again.

I can't remember if I came up with this concept on my own, or if a co-worker shared the idea with me. But this sweet girl and I implemented the idea of a second day.

When she came in, and started to lose it, whether at me, a co-worker, another kid, or anybody, I'd look at her and ask if she wanted to start her second day.

Most days, she would.

She'd look at me, get a face of resolve, take a few really big deep breathes, and start over. All was forgiven, all was past - it was a new day.

More so than just a concept for kids, a second day is imperative to my own life.

To me, a second day is grace in action. It's making an active choice to accept that I'm not okay, but that I can choose to react differently. I can choose to show grace, to forgive, to quiet, to begin again.

I really appreciated this concept when I worked with kids, I appreciate it in many of my own days, and I'd love to hear how others use it in action.

So. Do you ever utilize a second day? Do you have a different term for it?

22 July 2013

girl behind the blog: PROMPT

Today is one week prior to something very fun.

Something so very very VERY fun!!


Well, I guess I should share what I'm talking about.

Girl behind the Blog is back! WOO HOO!

ashley wifey

Months and months ago, I stumbled across a girl named Ashley Wifey. We bonded over out mutual love for glasses and hats.

Actually, that photo is photoshopped. Could you tell? Oh, you could. Oh, um. whatever.

After being a reader of Ashley's blog for a short amount of time, I started sponsoring her blog. It was in her first sponsor group chat that I fell in LOVE with her. She was (and still is) funny, smart, witty, kind, compassionate, and just super awesome. I had so much fun in that chat that I sponsored her the next month just to get to spend time with her. I'm serious. I liked her that much!

Since then, she's stopped doing sponsorship, and we've grown to be sweet friends! In fact, here we are. Actually. I won't share the other photo shopped images. You can come back next week for that.

Let's cut to the chase.

Ash runs an amazing linkup called the girl behind the blog. It's a space for bloggers (anybody is welcome, everybody is welcome, YOU ARE WELCOME) to join in, create a video, and share a short little video giving a glimpse into their life.

I met a few bloggers through it, and I know other bloggers have made friends through it.

I'm really excited to be co-hosting with Ashley this month! And I couldn't be more excited about the theme: Encouragement.

I'm really passionate about encouragement. I think that most women live a life filled with much discouragement, and I really don't think that's the way we are meant to live.

So, Monday, July 29, 2013... one week from today... we invite YOU to talk about encouragement. And maybe make a few new friends. All you have to do is follow both of our blogs, post a button anywhere on your blog, and post a short vlog answering the following questions. You'll only have to link up on one of the host's blogs because our links will be interlinked. We really hope you join us. You can grab a button below to put up on your blog. Spread the word and let's get to know each other a little better! Here are the deets... feel free to make your video your own but please try to stick to these prompts and the time limit.

The Girl Behind The Blog- Encouragement
Time limit: Vlogs should be 2-3 minutes long

Introduce yourself and your blog
What is something that encourages you in the blog world?
What is something that always encourages you in real life?
How do you go about encouraging the people you love?


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You can follow my blog by clicking this button. I wish it was prettier.
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18 July 2013


how to gain community

I'm linking up for five minute friday.

She sat on the outskirts of the room, waiting for an invitation into the conversations. She watched as friends laughed with friends, boys looked at girls, girls glanced away. She listened as their laughter got louder, their words got brighter, and she remained on the edge.

She went again, another night, and found the same thing happening.

She would come. Nobody would notice. She would observe. Nobody would notice. She would go home.

Eventually, she tired of the waiting. She tired of the sitting on the side, the listening and not joining, and she listened to her heart.

She stepped in.

She interrupted the conversations with words of her own.

She told her own stories, her own jokes.

She watched herself be welcomed in.

For years, she had stood on the outskirts, through school, through college, through all sorts of seasons. She's stood on the edge, waiting for her invitation in.

The invitation never came.

Until she invited herself.

Suddenly she found herself busy, loved, adored, exhausted, and exhilarated.

She realized that each of the ones inside had at one time been on the outside, got tired, and stepped in.

She recognized that this is community.

Stepping right in.

{a walk through} psalm 58

Is there a God?

17 July 2013

she reads truth

she reads truth

Last week, I alluded to a different type of studying the Bible. Today I'm excited to share that I'm writing for She Reads Truth today!

About a month back or so, I got an email from Raechel asking me if I'd consider writing a devotional for She Reads Truth (SRT). It was the day after I'd shared some words on naptime diaries, my sweet friend Jessi's blog, and apparently those words were what some people needed to hear. I say apparently because it always amazes me that God uses me to share truth. I've said before (and I think it's in my about page) that I feel akin to Moses at the burning bush, fully questioning that what God has called me to is the correct thing, based on my very lacking abilities.

I read her email, and just closed it, and took some big breathes in and out. To say that I was honoured is correct, yet more so, I was overwhelmed.

I checked my phone and saw a text from Jessi that read DID YOU GET THE EMAIL FROM RAECHEL?!?!?!?!

After I stopped chuckling, I sent her something like aaaaaaaa yes aaaaaaaa!!!!! AAAAAAA!!!

See, I'm all about influence. I get it. I get that I influence whoever I encounter, and I want to live a life of very intentional influence. I even moderate the forums for the influence network. I'm all about influence.

My reach here on a Secondary Heartbeat isn't huge. I don't mind, because it's a great size. I love the amount I have.

I love that I have a beautiful community here on my blog. Sweet people who show up everyday, some who I'm starting to know by name, some who I really have GOT to get to know better.

Whereas SRT is a very big gigantic magnificent community. Women who show up everyday, who are trusting that the words they are reading are filled with Gospel truth.

I wrote Jessi another text: Jess, I'm so under qualified. I'm not a very good writer, and I've got so much sin in my heart. I don't think I'm right for this.

To which she reminded me that we're all under qualified sinners - that that's the point. 

Jesus qualifies us.

So, I said yes, got my scripture reference for the story, and started reading and writing.

And let me tell you, I wanted to write about the epic love story, about the epic disappointment, about the epic entire story, but instead, I wrote what I did. I couldn't get away from the fact that I'm exactly like Rachel. I don't have the story she does, but I do have the sin.

I think today would be a great day to join SRT. Not simply because I'm writing (in fact, that should probably hinder you to wait until at least tomorrow), but because, as somebody who got a sneak peek into the rest of this series, I can tell ya: it's awesome.

If you're thinking what is She Reads Truth???, well, let me share a little bit from their site:
From your front porch, from your bed, from your couch, from the carpool line, or from the breakroom at work. Wherever you can, whenever you can – #SheReadsTruth is about taking as much time as you can to seek His face and be in His word.

And if you're wondering, though really, I don't know why, which SRT plan has been my favourite, that's easy!!! Galatians. I loved that plan the most.

AND if you're wondering why I put a "u" in "favourite"? Well, I'm a Canadian. Welcome.

I'm always looking for new ways to read more and better. I tend to keep three or more plans open on my bible app and get through them as I can, not trying to read everything everyday, but always making sure I have something to read if I've got some spare minutes.

How do you read the Bible?

Do you read along with SRT? Are you visiting my blog today for the first time? I'd love to know. 

If you are new, I'm glad you're here. If you're a regular, I'm glad you're here. I'm thankful for everybody!

16 July 2013

{a walk through} psalm 57

God does what he says he does

After the words I wrote yesterday about mourning with those who mourn, combined with the words I wrote last week about not telling people when you pray, I felt a little bit overwhelmed.

Emotionally raw. 
Spiritually well but physically tired.

I felt, and still feel, a bit conflicted. 

First I write about praying in secret, and then I write about how I spent an evening praying. And I feel silly about both.

I write words like I'm in a season of life where and it makes me feel a little bit like a flake. Aren't we all in a season of life? Why do they have to be called seasons? What's a better word than seasons?

And then I feel conflicted about my words themselves. Why did I feel the need to share them? Are my words valuable? Do they matter?

What would happen if I stopped blogging? Would I still have as much joy in life? Would I feel a little bit incomplete? Does blogging matter? How am I utilizing my blog to share the Gospel?

It was really nice to open up my draft last night and see this Psalm sitting here, all pretty and ready to be shared.

God is the one who I turn to with these questions. For all of my questions for that matter.

I can turn to wise friends, and unwise friends, family and peers, but ultimately, I really want to keep getting better at taking these questions to Jesus.

Keep shifting my eyes to the One I love.

15 July 2013

mourn with those who mourn

My post today feels a little bit vulnerable. As somebody who often gets told that I am really honest, authentic, and vulnerable on a regular basis, it feels a bit funny to share a preface on the subject of vulnerability.

Yet I'm sharing about something personal.

Every day lately, I've been able to tell that God is for me. I had forgotten that for a while, but God has reminded me.

I want to hold tightly to this season, where it seems like more fun to pray than watch tv, where it is more beneficial to study my Bible than anything else. I don't want to let it go. 

I want to honour it. I want to cultivate it. 

So today, I'm sharing a little bit of what my life looked like on Saturday night.

I'm not sharing this to be super spiritual, or to boast in my own actions. My identity is in Christ. I have no need to boast in myself.

I want to share this because it was one of the hardest and best ways to spend an evening.

I've been reflecting on what it means to mourn with those who mourn. As I mentioned last week, I have numerous friends who are going through heavy seasons.

I feel like I got a glimpse of what it is meant to look like on Saturday.

It started with reading something that reminded me of something, and I found myself mourning for a friend who lost her husband numerous years ago.

I wept.

And then I crept from my couch to the floor, to get on my face before the Lord.

I cried for my sweet friend Michelle who just lost her baby.

I cried for my auntie who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

I cried for my Dad and his life as his Parkinson's does what Parkinson's does: it only gets worse.

I sobbed as I considered my selfishness, as I considered the things that I pursue instead of living life in light of eternity.

I cried for family, for co-workers, for friends who don't know Jesus.
I cried a lot for those sweet people.

I felt weights on my back, heaviness in my heart, and felt incrediblyy aware that people don't know Jesus. That makes me really sad.

My tears were violent and painful, the kind where my eyebrows were in pain.

I cried, I sobbed, and even though I felt ultimately not at rest, I also felt completely heard.

I didn't say much.
I pleaded the words "please Jesus" over and over.
I begged God to "intervene".

I felt as though God was with me, patiently listening to me, comforting me, and reminding me of His promises.

I still don't think that I quite understand what mourning with those who mourns means, but I do think that God gave me a sweet glimpse into it. Maybe not sweet, since it wasn't a calm and beautiful moment, but definitely a glimpse.

In church yesterday, these lyrics felt really poignant to my heart.

heal my heart and make it clean
open up my eyes to the things unseen
show me how to love like you have loved me
break my heart for what breaks yours
everything I am for your kingdoms cause
as I walk from earth into eternity

I'm also really enjoying this song:
Find You On My Knees by Kari Jobe on Grooveshark

12 July 2013

How to live a well balanced life

Give Me Faith by Elevation Worship on Grooveshark

Today I want to take a little breath, or maybe a big one. Will you take one with me? Let's do a few.

Breathe in.
Breathe out.
Breathe in.
Breathe out.

Don't worry, I'm not about to give you a yoga pose.

I've got a lot of friends walking through seasons that are difficult.

Seasons that are long, seasons that are too quick, seasons that are full, and seasons that are empty.

But one thing I know, without a shadow of a doubt, is that God is with each of us in each moment, no matter what. The way that we experience Him is different, of course, but even when we don't feel Him, He still remains with us.

My sister Lynette has talked to me about how she never wants her life to balance and how she wants to integrate in each thing the best she can. I certainly can't explain it the way she does, which is really beautiful, but I get it in my heart.

When I try to balance everything, I tend to fall over.

When I learn to adapt, adjust, and be on the watch for things coming up, I usually can do a bit better job at not toppling right on over.

Have you listened to the song at the top of this post? I kinda think you should. Slow your whole day down, take a listen, turn off all the things except the song, bask in it, and then come back.

If you've got kids, gather them in. If you don't have kids, well, welcome to my life. We all need the truth in the song today.

trust in the Lord with all of your heart

Scripture tells me to trust in the Lord with all of my heart, and to not lean on my own understanding. So I guess that means that I get to trust in the Lord with all of my heart, and that I don't get to lean on my own understanding.

Okay. Cool.

Trusting in God isn't always easy, but it is always right.

So today let's take some big breathes, take off our burdens, trust God a bit more than we did yesterday, and stop trying to keep ourselves together.

Let's just be honest here, okay? I'd much rather we be honest here.

How's it going?

I'm an odd mixture of really good and really terrified. I've asked God to really speak to me, and when I do that, He does, so um, I'm just trying to listen up really really well and then walk as faithfully as I can. Stumbling a lot, but accepting grace each second.


11 July 2013

{a walk through} psalm 56

what can flesh do to me?

As a former fearful person, I rest in these verses. I'm sharing a bit more about trust tomorrow, so be sure to pop back tomorrow.

10 July 2013

6 intentional ways to refresh your life

Today I want to share 6 ways that I'm being intentional to refresh in such a way that life doesn't get too overwhelming, too underwhelming, too loud, or too quiet.

1. Intentional Worship

I'm putting on worship music at least one evening a week, if not every night, and intentionally positioning myself to hear from God. I love my tv shows, my friend hang outs, my writing, and all the other things, but I feel true freedom when I'm listening to and worshiping via music.

I've been really into new Hillsong album that came out this week, my faves being anchor, closer, where the spirit of the Lord is, and only You. They're worth the money and so good. I've got a solid worship mix going on right now that just gets my heart on the right track.

2. Intentional Honesty

 I'm being really honest with God. I'm making sure that I'm consistently going to Him to tell Him how my heart is. Whether I'm feeling really closer or really far from Him, I don't ever want to wonder if I've done my part to seek Him. I'm weeping more, laughing more, and listening more.

Sometimes, amidst my prayers, usually begging Him to let me stop being single, I'll recognize how if He were to answer that prayer, I wouldn't have the same space that I do right now to hear from Him, to cry out loud to Him while I lie in bed, and to simply spend entire evenings lying on my floor.

3. Intentional Study

I'm trying to actually study my Bible. I've been asked to do some writing for a beautiful ministry that I'll share about next week (I think), and it's caused me to have to dig really deep into scripture. And I've been absolutely loving it. It's good for me to quiet myself before God while amidst His word. To cross reference, to read words over and over, to highlight, to underline, to intentionally seek wisdom from the Lord again and again, and to just let Him speak to me.

4. Intentional Scheduling

I'm scheduling alone time. On Monday, outside of two errands, I stayed at home for most of the day. I slept in, layed in bed for a couple hours, went to the bank, went to pick up my laundry, went home, ate lunch, and had a nap. That took me from 8-4. It was so beautiful. I felt so refreshed. My roommate came home and asked me what I'd done all day. I answered with a simple nothing and she told me she was proud of me for doing that. Then we went for a walk. It was lovely. But if I don't schedule time away from people, away from events, away from things that I love, to rest, I don't rest.

If you look in my calendar, about every two weeks or so, you'll see a note on my day off, or in a free evening that will say don't schedule anything, you need some alone time, because I know my tendency to fill fill fill everything up.

I'm also intentionally scheduling my blog a bit better. I shared about this on my sweet friend Ashlee's blog last week.

5. Intentional Self-Awareness

Akin to scheduling time alone, I'm trying to figure out this new more introverted than I've ever been before personality. I've always considered myself an extrovert, but every personality quiz has always put me just into extrovertedness, shying very close to introverted. My roommate, on that same walk on Monday, mentioned that I'm more introverted than she would have thought from social media. I'm trying to learn what it means to sit right in the middle.

To be filled up by people yet also drained by them, filled up by alone time yet also drained by it all at the same time. That's how I feel.

I haven't quite figured it out yet though. This is one area where I really haven't found the right way to live it out well. I'm really interested in learning how to live as an introverted extrovert, because I'm not sure if I've met one before.

6. Intentional Onlineness

It's really easy to put up false fronts online. I really loved what Kim of oh, sweet joy! shared on Monday about fashion posts.

I just added instagram to my life, so I'm trying to use it well, in a way that encourages me and others, instead of causing me to feel frustrated by my lack. I can only follow too many moms, too many happy lovey dovey couples, and too many singles.

While I want to speak life through what I post, I also want to look for life. So don't be surprised if you don't see me following people who don't share an authentic look at life. Too many staged photos, too many filters, it gets overwhelming. Though I am loving getting to make my skin and hair look prettier via filter than they do in real life. SERIOUSLY amazing.

In addition to watching my intake, I'm watching my output. It's tempting to just share the good, or to just share about being single instead of sharing the other things I walk through. I want to learn how to share life better, in a way that is intentionally honest, intentionally heartfelt, but also not just a whole heap of words.

Those are my six ways that I'm intentionally seeking refreshment.

I end with a great quote from the Refresh book by Jessi Connolly and Hayley Morgan, the book that has inspired me to refresh my life, to seek good rest, and to be a bit more intentional with my days. It's this weariness that Jessi speaks of, this weariness that I know very well, too well, that is inspiring me to be intentional in each area of my life.

jessi connolly

How about you? How do you refresh? What stops you from feeling refreshed?

P.S. I'm linking up with Amanda for #desiretoinspire

08 July 2013

fast, pray, give, and don't tell anybody

I've been reflecting on the verses in Matthew 6 that speak of fasting, giving, and praying.

How we're meant to fast, give, and pray without letting on that we're doing those things.

And how when we seek worldly acknowledgement for those things, we will get it - and we will have earned a full earthly reward, which means we won't receive one in heaven.

Well, I don't about you, but I'm certain that I want reward in heaven. Though in all actuality, I'm perfectly content to simply sit at the outskirts of heaven and look in. Outside of grace, there's no way I'll make it in. Oh, but this heart knows grace.

what is grace?

As an aside, I should share that while planning a fundraiser for a couple who are planting a church, my friend mentioned that I'd be getting extra jewels in my crown in heaven for all my work. I was quick to respond that I'm hoping for flowers instead of jewels! Insert giggle.

As another aside, I'm really not good at not getting attention and praise. That's a consistent heart struggle for me. (hence why in a post about not seek accolade, I made mention that I planned a fundraiser.)

I want to fast more often, with more dedication, and do it without letting anybody know.

I want to pray always, without attracting attention to myself, simply seeking the Spirit for all I encounter.

And I want to give without fear that this month I won't have enough. If I believe in daily bread prayers and God providing good gifts, why do I fear and tightly hold my money?

It's pretty silly when I think about attempting to store up things on earth when I get to live with Jesus in heaven forever.

Okay, what about you? What have you been thinking about lately when it comes to scripture? What keeps you up at night?

05 July 2013

mail it.

how do I encourage my friend

Months and months ago, I got a card in the mail from my sweet friend Megs.

And the words inside are the reason I send mail.

I don't know when a friend will need encouragement.

But if I could guess the minute when they will, I'd guess right this minute.

So grab a pen.
Write some words.
Throw them in the mail.

And then do that again soon.

03 July 2013

refresh: the lipstick version

Before I go all crazy and show you some awkward selfies, pop on over to Your Friend Ashlee! I'm hanging out there sharing 3 quick tips for creating some structure and routine for your blog!

Now onto those selfies!

It's amazing how fresh I can feel with the quick swipe of lipstick.

I'm no expert at makeup. I'm still working on the how to aspect, and these photos are without any sort of foundation or cover-up. I was just feeling a bit not pretty looking, so I popped over to the mirror and 30 seconds later, I felt a lot better.

With the aid of my trusty mac photobooth, I sat on my bed in opportune Vancouver sunlight.

I wore Artistry lip colour creme in AMUSE. My top is from H&M.

I'm more bold with my lipstick choices here on my blog and in a video chat with other bloggers than I am in real life. But I'm working on it.

Okay. Somebody quick, send me a link to your fave lipstick, and if you've got any makeup tutorials on your own blog, be sure to send me them! I'd love to watch them so that I can get better at using makeup.

Also, did you see last Wedneday's post? It was BLUSH day! I've recently fallen for a new colour and I ain't afraid to tell ya about it! well that was an awkward sentence.

02 July 2013

{a walk through} psalm 53

A few weeks ago as I was driving home from a church planting event for friends, I wept for the people in my life who don't know Jesus.

And I felt like God gave me a glimpse of His heart. His sweet relentless love.

He looks down to see if any understand, if any seek.
But He does not see many.

And I think the burdens I feel must be miniscule compared to His heart for the lost.

Jesus spoke much of God looking for one, and how much heaven rejoices at the turning of one heart.

01 July 2013

monday past

Today let's pretend that we're back one week and let me take you through my day. There are probably too many words, so if you're looking for the best part, skip to the bottom!

I started my morning off by taking two of my most favourite kiddies out for the morning. Their Mom, who is a dear friend and mentor, needed the morning to get some stuff done, so I popped them into their van and we went on a little adventure.

We put letters in the mail box. pretty fun deal since that meant taking an elevator.
We had hot chocolate. well, I had a COFFEE.
We went to the lego store and were treated super great. Seriously, the lego store here hires the best people!
We bought tea for mommy. their mommy, not mine.
We got jelly beans and a gumdrop.

It was a good morning.

I dropped them off, picked up my friend Sam, and went to meet Brett for lunch. It was the three of us (plus another guy who couldn't make it) who planned the fundraiser for Christ City Church, so we celebrated the work we'd done and enjoyed a really good conversation.

I needed to stop by Anthropologie to pick up a mug for my new roommate. She just moved in, and my roommate tradition is to buy a lettered mug. It's just the right thing to do.

I spent the next hour or so meandering in and through the stores near there. I love afternoons where I just look at pretty things. I perused a fun pop-up shop, West Elm, West Elm Market, and Anthropologie (two times. it's that fun to walk through).

Oh, and somewhere in there I grabbed an americano misto. The barista and I discussed how some places don't let you order half-caf drinks, and how those people are silly. Conversations with strangers are one of my most favourite things.

I drove across town to pick up some paint swatches. To paint you ask? Nope, to get a move on this DIY. It looks amazing. Though, just walking into a paint store, randomly choosing 7 strips of different colours, and then walking out was . . . awkward.

I popped into one coffee shop to get beans for a friend and they didn't have what I wanted, so I went to a different place and found success.

After that I popped over to a local fashion stop to try to find a gift for a friend.

See, midday, I texted a friend that I've been meaning to send a gift, and asked her this:
Okay. Quickly needed answer. What's your favourite colour? And fave pattern? And just something that comes to mind when you think of joy?
 It made for a fun afternoon, to be browsing each store with her in mind.

AND then I found a beautiful hat that I'm excited to wear, but first I have to get brave, so it might sit on my wall for a while. Akin to makeup posts, fashion is also a jump of bravery for me. Maybe soon, but not quite yet.

I headed home, heated up my lunch leftovers, ate some dinner, and just perused the internet. Other than a few random pop-ins, I'd avoided the internet for the day, which was a nice treat. It's nice to just live life sometimes.

Amber messaged me and we had a nice chat. Have you checked out her shop? It's fantastic. Her shop is helping to pay for people who were formerly enslaved. That's incredible. It's sweet to hear her heart about it, because she has a big heart for it. Be sure to check it out and buy some stuff.

After that, I putzed around for a few minutes until I received a text from my bestie Christy asking if she was home. See, she just bought a scooter on Sunday, so she wanted to show me!

Sorry for the grainy photos. They're from my blackberry. 

She drove over, I popped outside, and then oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got brave and sat on it! 

If you knew me, you'd be shocked and proud. Christy was proud when I simply sat on it, and was extra proud when I decided to give it a spin.

I don't ride a bicycle because I'm so scared of falling off and dying (because that's where my brain goes), so it took me a lot of trips down the street before I felt comfortable, and even after those many trips, I was still just barely moving at all. But I did it! It was so fun.

I'm linking up with Blair today. I love having a fun link up to join!

A couple quick things:
  1. Apparently Google Reader is officially leaving today. Utilize blog lovin' if you'd like to follow me that way!
  2. I got an iPhone! Woot Woot! Which means no more grainy blackberry photos, AND I'm now on instagram. Follow me @nadinewouldsay if you'd like to do that.
That was my Monday. How was yours? How about today? You surviving or thriving?