30 December 2012

2012: my blog is a haircut

2012 was a year that stretched and hurt and pulled and hurt more and God was so very gracious.

There were big laughs, fun vacations (whose pictures are littered in this post),  lots of big life decision moments, and good conversations. (and more of course!!!)

Sometimes I wish I could invite everybody over and just share all the stuff that goes on. Because life goes on. In mine and in yours.

But instead, I'll just give ya a chance to read some posts (that I'm sure you've already read because of course you did right? Oh no, well, you're welcome! HERE they all are again) from 2012. 

I was trying to decide how to do a recap post and I realized that my favourites are the ones where people point to the words they wrote that impacted themselves and their life the most. Well, that and the funny ones. But I've only recently ventured into sharing my funny self online. 2013 will be more authentically me - dancing, Jesus, laughter, Jesus, dancing, silly faces, bad pictures, and lotsa fun!

So here is 2012 in links to words:

Turning 23 and dressing up a nautical themed party!

Hearing God tell me "why are you worrying about that? Just wait a couple pages. I've got your whole book up here".

Making the name change from from the sight of a city girl to a Secondary Heartbeat. THIS WAS BIG PEOPLE! It took me a long time to make a decision on a name. The design process was already happening back here so you can imagine how indecisive I was to take until recently to actually have the final design up.

Recognizing that grace is not a DIY. (I should probably reread this post to myself every single day. Because I forget this every single day).

Reflecting with girls I've known since elementary school how though we've known God our whole lives, our faith is still so fresh and growing.

And then - writing these words, which were one of my first attempts are being bold on my blog:
A friend of mine describes facebook as the devil's playground which makes me want to throw up. 

Not because I disagree - because I do agree - but because everything in the entire world is the devil's playground

The earth is his playground.

This is his territory.

If we let one thing become his (as in we decide in our mind that if only we get rid of that one thing then our sin issue will be gone), we've forgotten that he has a sense of dominion here.

Watching God grab my pile of stuff I so often bring to Him and hearing Him remind me of Himself.

Tweeting with a stranger inspired this post. It's one of my most favourites from the year. LOVE OUT!

I welcomed the blog world over for coffee! (this post led to a super good conversation with a dear friend who called me out on something I had realized mid post - the fact that I had stopped sharing me with my friends - I was trying to act strong and as if I didn't have problems, which wasn't fooling anybody)

I considered entitling this next post "Jesus: the biggest bad ass of all time"

Finding freedom in writing as I realized that I didn't need to put a verse in every post, preface everything with the right words and finally found peace in realizing that Jesus is in my always.
Posting a funny video. If you haven't already watched it - you should! I'm serious. Not for my sake - for your own. It'll brighten your day for sure because I promise I'm a dork.

And then finishing my year off with a BANG with these words: "Devotions is not an instagram photo". Yeah. That. a post where I thought long and hard whether the "is" should be an "are". I'm still not sure. And a post where I almost deleted my words numerous times. And where I've almost gone back several times to delete it, even though I've gotten numerous emails, tweets, comments, DM, and more feedback than every before of woman who are so encouraged. People - that is Jesus. Only Jesus puts words on my fingertips (and in my heart) that are what you need to hear. ALL JESUS!

Lots of other stuff happened.

I went to Ontario, Vegas, and Portland!
I interned with a non-profit.
I dropped out of college mid-semester. I'm still waiting to see the outcome of that.

I kind of see my blog (and life really) like a haircut.

If you're anything like me, I look back on haircuts and go what was I thinking?!?! I always think it looked absolutely perfect and stunning and just right and dang girl . . . and then look back and go what the . . . ?

As I read through this year of posts, I read things that aren't where I stand now, and I read things that are written very very very poorly (kind of like this paragraph, and post, and more) but I also saw God working.

God redeems bad hair and poorly written blogs and souls that were far off but are now near - only by the grace of Jesus.

The haircut might change around here but the soul will remain.

I'm sorry. Kinda. Actually not at all.

So . . .

2012. It's all done now. Well, at least almost.

I'm praying for joy in 2013. And good hair.

Happy New Year!

P.S. 2013 I'm starting a blog series that will last for 150 posts. Intrigued? Be sure to come back!

28 December 2012

pretty devotions

A couple months ago, I snagged a coffee with a pastor from church. We talked about life, ministry, and all the normal coffee conversation chat. Part way through he asked me how my devotional life was going.

Um . . . I don't really want to tell you because you'd probably be unimpressed. BUT it's a lot better than it was.

Then he responded something like this:

 Oh child (just kidding, he'd never say that).

You know Nadine, I was just talking with the staff the other day about this. We've got to stop seeing devotions as a specific set time, a certain length, a to-do, with a start and finish feeling. We've got to spend our days looking for experiences with Jesus. That takes away the stress of it.

Isn't that cool? I've been reflecting on it a lot and I've realized that experiences with Jesus sound a lot more fun and natural and all together efficient than devotional times.

It's just like friendship right? If I were to walk up to a friend and say HELLO I AM HERE NOW LET'S TALK FOR THIS TIME AND I EXPECT THIS OUT OF YOU AND MAN OH MAN HERE WE GO!

That would make me an awful friend. Friendship happens simply if I'm there. Conversation happens because we're talking, not because I say we have to talk.

K, I'm a little bit hesitant to write this but I'm also kinda not scared of people today (unusual for me, I know - and if you don't know that, you probably haven't been here for very long) so I might as well get this out while I can.

Devotions is not an instagram photo.


Lovely lettering put out for everybody is good. It's beautiful. I often get encouraged by that. But I think Jesus wasn't just speaking for the sake of speaking when He said:
    “And when you pray, you must not be like the hypocrites. For they love to stand and pray in the synagogues and at the street corners, that they may be seen by others. Truly, I say to you, they have received their reward. But when you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your Father who is in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you.
    “And when you pray, do not heap up empty phrases as the Gentiles do, for they think that they will be heard for their many words.
(Matthew 6:5-7 ESV)
I'm not saying putting photos up is bad. Not at all.

I'm tempted to tweet/facebook every single verse I read because I'll read a verse and get excited and want to share.

But you saw that word right, tempted?

Fear (a sin) often stops me from putting things up on the internet. But more often, pride (a sin) prompts me to share every thing I'm hearing from God.

Sometimes I just need to take God's word for myself. Not selfishly, but in awe and gratitude of His word.

If you share, share because you love Jesus and want more of Him, not because you're hoping for a like, a retweet, or a little heart.

My relationship with Jesus doesn't have pretty font in a journal alongside my morning coffee and instagram. My relationship with Jesus is just that - a relationship.

Real relationships are filled with laughter, tears, fun, smiles, good talks, light talks, heavy chats, real moments, and sincere words.

I want a real relationship with Jesus.

Devotions maybe shouldn't be so very regimented and formal. If that style of devotions works for you (you know the 1 hour per day every day thing) then keep at 'er.

But if you're like me, and you don't love routine or regiment, maybe try this out.

Look for Jesus.
You'll find Him.

If I'm driving for 5 minutes, I chat with Him.

If I'm showering, I'm probably praying.

If I'm talking with someone about faith stuff, I'm praying in my head.

Jesus is everywhere.

Not just in my one hour long devotion - which never happen for me anyway - or in my pretty picture of my strategically well-lit Bible.

I originally wrote some extra words down here that made this post really safe, and I gave myself some human-made grace (aka the kind that has nothing to do with Jesus). But I've been doing a lot of heart checking and I remembered that Jesus was anything but safe. 

I think that people posting pretty pictures every single day of their underlined Bible is wrong. I don't think they should stop reading their Bible, underlining it, learning about and from God, and even sharing what they're hearing from God (heck, my entire blog is about what I'm learning) but I think they should check their heart every time they hit 'post' in the same way I have to do the same. 

So I'm taking out the apology. And I'm risking your offense. In order that, even if you don't agree, you'll have thought about something new today. 

I've scheduled this post like 3 times. And then taken it down. Because I'm so scared of offending. And these words I'm adding below aren't based out of fear or pride - but are written in love for the good things that I do see happening.

There is an absolutely incredible movement called She Reads Truth, which is a community I participate in. It's a community where women are reading the Bible together, sharing what they learn together, and posting photos and stuff online. I want to add this little note because I think that that community is - the heart of it, which is getting women to read the Bible - so very incredible.

And in that community, in its leaders, and in the ladies who share posts of what God is teaching them, and shots of their journal and Bible - that's good stuff. That isn't wrong.

As long as the heart is that God be given glory and that hearts pointed to Jesus.

That's my heart in writing this post.

 To point the glory back to the Lord.

Because if God isn't the goal in whatever I (and dare I say you) say, write, post, think, etc. . . . we're sinning.

So be bold.
Share all the time.
And point to Him.

27 December 2012

Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas!

I hope your day and week (and year and more) was filled with joy.

My day started with helping my Mom finish the cinnamon buns (aka she did stuff and then I got to be in a couple photos).

I enjoyed cuddles with my niece.
She had a bit of a cold so she wasn't quite as cheerful as normal.
But she woke up Boxing Day (December 26th for all y'all American readers) just as cheerful as a ham. that's a thing right?

We skyped with my sister and her kids.
I LOVE this photo. My niece dressed up as a present. Doesn't she look like a movie still? Or at least a commercial?

Suddenly we had a white Christmas! It snowed for just a few hours and it's pretty much all gone now but it was a nice little treat!

 A family tradition is to always play this game.

 Then we skyped with my brother as well!

 Merry Merry Merry to you and yours.

25 December 2012

merry christmas (He has come for us)

Merry Christmas!

This song, HE HAS COME sung by Meredith Andrews is all about Jesus.
And since Christmas is ALL ABOUT JESUS, I figured it made sense to share it today.

Merry Merry Merry Christmas!

He has come for us
This Jesus
He's the hope for all
He has come for us
The Messiah
Born to give us life

P.S. This is the last Tune-y Tuesday for a while. I've got a fun new series starting next week! I can't wait to share it with you.  
hint: nah, just wait!

22 December 2012

unsure places, assured hope

Wording is everything right?
And puncuation.
And spelling.
And never starting a word with "and".
These past lines have nothing to do with anything.

I'm sitting on my couch as I write this, worrying, fretting, and not trusting.

Yesterday morning I whispered to Jesus:

I'm really unsure about what is next.
I'm really not sure where it is You're leading me.
I'm following the best I can, but I can't even see an inch in front of me.
It's like I'm in a wind skewed desert.
Or a blizzard basked land.
Or something else where I can't see - raindrops covering my glasses (aka the worst).

Two months ago I dropped out of college.
Probably one of the most drastic decisions I've made in my life.

I'm working a job I love but after today I don't have any scheduled shifts.
How do I plan for a future where there is no plan?

I'm not hopeless.
I've got hope in the God that calls me to pray
give us this day our daily bread

a prayer I pray daily right now.

So I'm not writing today to claim helplessness
Or to rest in sadness.

Because when it all stops.
When the clock slows and I'm lying in bed . . .
When the morning alarm goes off and I consider how to fill a day that is void of anything to do again . . .
and when my heart hears news that hurts it again . . .

even then
every single time

That hope remains.

Even if I'm too weak to put out the words and even if truth is the hardest thing to hear right now.

The truth is that God is still God.
His plan leads to His glory.
So why should I fear?

If the lillies and sparrows get to be pretty and cared for . . .
And if He took time to fill the ocean with fishies just for fun . . .
and more . . .

I can trust in Him.

Where I am going I am very unsure of.
But WHO I am leaning on - OH - that I am very sure.


As I thought much of this aloud and in my head and via my typing fingers, I remembered Matthew 16.

I'm still not quite sure how to live this out but I'm going to cast down my burdens and then follow His lead.

    Then Jesus told his disciples, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it. For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what shall a man give in return for his soul?
(Matthew 16:24-26 ESV)

21 December 2012

the girl behind the blog: Christmas Traditions

. . . or as the title should read: that time I claimed to be 80% hipster.
. . . and said "www.nadinewouldsay.com" like it's actually a website (as opposed to just my lil blog home)

Ashley of 5ohWifey is one of my favourite blogging friends! She is hilarious, super beautiful, and loves Jesus. She is generous with her kindness and I've really appreciated getting to know her. Every month, she hosts a vlog (aka my least favourite word in the bloggers dictionary because I don't understand why it isn't called a v-blog or something far better than vlog, but that's a rant saved best for never)!

Anyways . . . she hosts a space each month for bloggers all around to share who they are with their readers. I've looked into doing it each month but either chickened out, had nothing to say, or been to busy. not this month!

This month she is co-hosting with Kerrie and the prompt is Christmas Traditions.

And since I'm the star of my own lil movie right here, it took me a couple minutes to get to the point. You're welcome in advance.

Okay. Here goes.


Just in case you missed it, my favourite tradition is cinnamon buns. 
Of course my favourite tradition includes food. 


Thanks for stopping by to watch my first attempt at a vlog!


20 December 2012

songs of joy

Did you know that I sing?

. . . 

Last month, in a group video chat, I met the lovely Ashley of Pencilled Daydream. It was so cool to hear her heart for this blog link-up of I am a Storyteller.

She really sees that everybody has stories and wants to offer space for them to share them.

Today my story is unconventional because it's far less written and far more musical.

I've been singing for as long as I can remember.

I started playing guitar around grade 8 or so, and I started writing songs songs soon after. I was a pretty emotional little teenager so songs were how I really got out a lot of what I needed to say.

Fast forward to not being a baby teenager, I still love to write songs. 

As I've made blogging a priority over the last 8 months, my song writing has been put a bit on the back burner but I still write a song here and there. Maybe I'll start sharing them here.

Writing love songs is super fun because love is joy personified. right? sure . . . whatever.

I've also had the opportunity to share two songs that I wrote at weddings.

The first was at my brother Greg & his wife Danielle's wedding back in 2010. It was a fun outdoor wedding several hours out of Winnipeg.

sorry for the sideways view. I've never known how to fix it and it's more about sound than looks anyways.

This song is called 3 Steps Forward.

I had the video embedded in but for some reason it's not working so just go to this link okay! Thanks ---> 3 steps forward.

My favourite line in the song is:

84 years, a billion hours - if I spend them all with you I'd never tire
You have walked deep into my heart. I can't remember who I was before we started.

And then last year, one of my best friend's Christy got married. Her husband, then fiance, pulled me aside one day and asked me to write a song for their first dance.


So I did.
This is it.

I had the video embedded in but for some reason it's not working so just go to this link okay! Thanks ---> Their Song

My favourite line in the song is:

praise God for knitting you together in your mama's womb
praise God for forming you perfectly - perfectly for me

These songs are ones that fill me with joy because they're from such special moments in the history of my family and friends.

And while I'm still wishing and hoping and planning and praying - I've got hope that one day God will lead me into a marriage where I can sing there words to someone. 

19 December 2012

stitchfix #1

It only took about a thousand years for this to happen (cue me singing Oh Canada, Canada's national anthem so you remember that I'm Canadian - which complicated EVERYTHING THAT IS COOL! - just kidding - I love my country) but my first stitchfix arrived!

Can I just say . . . there are few things more awkward than taking photos of myself in the mirror. Maybe one day Jesus will grace me with a husband who is understanding and photo savvy, but until that day - I'm stuck with awkward mirror photos on my blackberry - sorry in advance.

So  . . . stitchfix is a very cool service.

1. you sign up to get on the waiting list
2. you finally hear back (they're in beta mode, or just out of beta mode, or whatever that word is - GIVE THEM GRACE OKAY! I didn't mind the wait.)
3. log on
4. fill out surprisingly long survey on style (well, they want to make sure they get it right)
5. choose a shipment week
5b. wait patiently
6. receive shipment
7. open box. 
8. oooooo and aaaaahhhhhh
9. read note from company
10. try on outfits
11. take awkward photos (semi-mandatory for personal mocking enjoyment)
12. keep what you want/ship back what you don't
13. blog about it

note: numbers may vary, details may vary, I might have forgotten something, forgive me please. K thanks.


I got 5 pieces. I kept 1. If I had my life together I would have blogged and gotten opinions of others before I made the decision but life is life so I didn't.

P.S. You are welcome to be jealous of my beautiful hardwood floors. They're one of my favourite aspects of my apartment. Oh the perks of old buildings!

Oh, and my natural lighting. My living room and dining room are basically the best place to be on a sunny day (well, that or outside I guess).

OKAY ramble party over.

Item one.

Oh. How I loved this dress. I wanted it the most. When I opened my box, this is what I saw - butterfly fabric. And my heart gasped in joy and awe. But when I got home and tried it on, I became sad. Because the fit was off. The neckline kept riding up, which meant the whole dress would ride up. I wanted it to be the one. But alas, it wasn't. I added the belt which helped for photos but not for much else.

The next photo is to show that hipster glasses and long bangs are frustrating. That is all.

Item two.

This second dress. This is the one I kept. I think that if I had been shopping in a store, I might not have grabbed it, and I might even not have bought it, but because it was handed to me and it fit best out of my options (and price range), it was the keeper. I love that it wraps around because that is what I call flattering. Hello kindness.

Though, it's impossible to wear without something underneath though because any sort of cleavage concealer is actually non-existent. did I just say cleavage concealer? yes I did.

This photo conceals cleavage because I carefully draped the fabric awkwardly and took a photo. (do you see that awkward draping - yep me too - don't worry I wore a dress underneath it to church on Sunday).

And this gem of a photo conceals cleavage because BAM hello blackberry.

Item three.

This third piece was (and truly, still is) beautiful. And gosh, apparently I don't know how to uncrinkle a top before I take a photo. Good thing my job is not to be a stylist.

seriously! Just look at that pretty detail. It's so nice and lovely.

. . . and it did not fit. Boo. It was an awkward fit where some areas were too big and some were too small and that's just the sad truth. I tend to gravitate towards longer tops anyways so unless it had been a perfect fit, I probably wouldn't have kept it.

Item four.

This piece was such a bad fit that I wasn't willing to show a photo on the Internet. But it's beautiful. The back had a really pretty button detail (that I my non-stylist self forgot to take a photo of).

 Item five.

Last. Not least. SHIZAMBAM! Look at this beauty. Beautiful. I almost kept it but I think it's too fancy pants for my lifestyle. Oh but it's just so pretty. AND I forgot to take a photo of it on. Whoops.

Soooooo . . . did you make it this far? I didn't think so.

I'm glad if you did.

This was a fun, odd, and surprisingly hard post to write so please give me a pat on the back, write some sort of kind comment okay? If your opinion on affiliate linking is different than mine, feel free to share.

K great.

18 December 2012

Tune-y Tuesday (hope came down)

I know there are quite a few blogs taking today to be silent. 

I've hesitated writing about the horrors that have happened because they're horrible. And I would never want to give some sort of pat statement. So I just want to say that my heart is sad, my tears are plenty, and Jesus will one day make things right. As to why that day was not prior to Friday, I can't say why.

Today I want to point to the hope that I have only in Jesus.

So this is how it was 
A silent night like any other,
When Heaven sent the One,
The One we will call our Saviour, 

and redemption began,
In a stable in Bethlehem,

All of the angels lifted up their voices,

and filled the night with Hallelujah's!
God is with us now!
Everyone come and join the Heavenly chorus, 

Our Savior King is here before us!
All to hear the sound
The song creation sang,
When Hope came down

So this was truly God,

Wrapped in a tattered blanket,
Love was finally here,
Sleeping while the world awakened,
and redemption begins,
With a baby in Bethlehem,

All of the angels lifted up their voices,

and filled the night with Hallelujah's!
God is with us now!
Everyone come and join the Heavenly chorus, 

Our Savior King is here before us!
All to hear the sound
The song creation sang,
When Hope came down

So let us sing Redemption Song,
Let us worship Christ the Holy One,
We were lost, but we were found,
When Hope came down,
When Hope came down.

All of the angels lifted up their voices,

and filled the night with Hallelujah's!
God is with us now!
Everyone come and join the Heavenly chorus, 

Our Savior King is here before us!
All to hear the sound
The song creation sang,
When Hope came down

17 December 2012

stupid sin

I haven't spoken about fear as much as I used to.

Maybe because I thought, heavy emphasis on me thinking something but not demonstrating it, that I was okay.

I do that with a lot of things. 

Think I'm fine right until I'm crying and lying on the floor in my living room.  Some people cry in the shower, oh wait, I also do that, crap - but less often.

My big cries are when I'm flat on my face in the living room in tears over a hurt, more often in repentance of sin yet again, or when I'm petitioning a prayer for someone. Or they're late at night, curled up in my bed.

I thought I was doing okay at not fearing people.

Right until it took me MONTHS to write an email asking someone to do something super simple.
I'm talking suuuuuuuper simple. This kind of simple shouldn't take months.

Her response, filled with belly laughter and a respounding YES and an apology because she thought she'd already done it- made me burst into laughter.

Really loud laughter that sounded like tears because suddenly I was crying because the grace of God made me aware that yet again my sin was holding me back from authentic relationships.

Fear is sin.
And stupid.

    The fear of man lays a snare,
        but whoever trusts in the LORD is safe.
(Proverbs 29:25 ESV)

14 December 2012

this past week

I want to share a quick glance into my past week. One of my goals with this new design is to better share my life - especially the stuff that happens away from my typing fingers.

SO . . . let's go back and take a look! WOOHOO!

I spent most of my day at work and then drove out to my parent's house in Abbotsford for the night. 

Typically when I go to their house, I usually spend some time looking through the stuff I have around the house. I found a box filled with photographs and found this gem. 

Everybody gets to post cute pictures of their kids - I'm posting a cute picture of myself as a kid. You're welcome.

Okay. I'm SO excited to share about my stitchfix experience and I promise that I will soonish. I'm just finishing up all the formatting and trying to get over how funny it is to post pictures of myself taken on my phone in the mirror! Yep, my stitchfix post will encourage you that anybody can post a fashion post.

Then I went to work for the afternoon. I work in a tea shop and LOVE it. It's currently just part-time so I'm still figuring out how to make life work but in the meantime, it's so fun to have a job that I absolutely adore.

Sunday is a no photo day! Unintentionally.

The morning was filled with church. Lunch was filled with a favourite friend and tasty eats from this place. The afternoon was filled with a clothing swap hosted by this lady. The early evening was filled with a good conversation with another sweet friend. 

Oh baby! My sister had a baby! Well, now she's almost 2 months old.

fun fact: I've been an auntie for almost 14 years! Yep. This baby is niece/nephew number 8 so I've got years and years of love for my sibling's children but this babe is the first local baby! It's so fun to be able to pop in and just spend time with my sister and babe.

I love cuddles with this sweet babe. This photo is one of my very favourites.


Later on I meandered over to my friend Michelle's home. We ate some stir-fry and enjoyed some chats! After we made cookies! SO FUN! We enjoyed tea lattes, lots of sugar cookie dough, and icing!


Yet another no photo day! Whoops! I guess I'm definitely still learning how to take photos of everything I do!

Tami and I went for an adventure! 

We went out in the morning across the border and into America! I guess for all of my sweet American readers that you might not understand the wonderful-ness of this, but hear this:

my life does not include Target and Trader Joe's on a local basis.

We drove across the border, went shopping, laughed a lot, and enjoyed good chats. It was a very fun day.

In the evening I had worship practice for Christmas Eve.

NEW DESIGN DAY!!!!!!!!!!!! While I didn't start really advertising it until Wednesday because it took a day to figure out all the kinks, the lovely stuff started showing up late Monday night, fixed itself through Tuesday, and looked the way it does now by Wednesday.

I'm loving the new design. I feel like my blog represents what I want it to now. The words are the same, but the pretty look inspires me to put out better content! 


The day also included lunch with this lovely lady at this tasty place.

Followed by a quick stop at the church office to say hi to all my friends who work there.

After that I went over to my sister's place. I knew it was an online-heavy day so I wanted a new space to be on my computer. I enjoyed a couple cuddles with my niece.

Early in the evening, I had a video chat scheduled with Tori. We tried to make it happen back in the summer but schedules kept not colliding. It finally happened! Yay. Tori is wonderful. She's beautiful, kind, graceful, and just plain sweet. I'm excited for our friendship to grow.

After the video chat I went to the Festival of Lights with my friend Jenn. We just met a few weeks ago but just like with Tori, I'm excited for the friendship to continue! She's so fun.


 Thursday I woke up with a migraine. Not fun. Typical but not fun.

I chose to ignore it the best I could, watch a bunch of sermons, and enjoy the day as best as I could in the comfort of my apartment.

AND I spent about an hour and a half clearing the spam for a friend's website. It was kind of hilarious. Spammers are awful. awful.

 Coming up today:

1. VIDEO CHAT! Video chats kind of are my favourite. Tomorrow afternoon I get to have a chat with Ashley of 5ohWifey and all her sidebar peeps - and it is going to be fun. Last month's chat was one of my favourite. It was so fruitful and just down-right great!

2. If you've been around here, you know I love kids and I spend a lot of time babysitting of my friends. Remember that babe who I hung out with on Monday, my sweet local niece. Well, we're having our first several-hour babysitting experience. My sister is blessed because I've got almost 14 years of experience loving my siblings kids. You are welcome Kiks.

Little note:

Sponsorship is now available here on a Secondary Heartbeat. I'm new to sponsorship so I'm sure I'll adjust things over the coming days and months but I'm so excited to offer sidebar space. Proceeds will go towards me going to Influence 2013. So sponsor me okay? cooooool beans.