26 March 2013

{a walk through} psalm 25

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THIS PSALM! Oh. This one holds so much for me. It was here that I went the week before I met a boy I dated a couple years ago. The same words brought me sweet comfort when the relationship ended. And those same words, well, they're the ones I go do when I'm in my deepest moments of needing Jesus to show up.

Almost any verse in this Psalm is one I could share my heart on. Similar to Psalm 23, this was a hard one to describe, to break down, and to share. Not because I don't like it, but because I need these words so often.

It's not that I'm sad all the time, but I'm rarely out of brokenness, if that makes sense. Because my sin is great. I'm so thankful my God is greater.

I'm so thankful to not be in the head and heart space that I was when that Psalm first was introduced to my heart. I can still go to these words, but the girl that literally sobbed them out on a park bench mere days before being asked out, that same girl who weeks later sobbed them out on her couch, that girl has grown.

Her need for God remains.

In that season, I wrote this piece about God really entering into a moment when I needing rescuing. I'd love if you read it. It's a moment I treasure, a moment when God really impacted me and taught me that He is the deliverer.

Looking at these verses now, it's the very last line that sticks out to me. Maybe it's because at church we're walking through the Easter story focusing on the words Jesus spoke from the cross, and forgiveness is so huge in the story of the cross.

When I call out to God for deliverance, I call out for more than just to be let out of the hard things. I ask Him to forgive me, because I know that nothing good will happen if I hold on to my sinful habits. I need Jesus to enter in, to offer me the same forgiveness that He offered to the thief hanging on the cross next to Him. A thief who, though he knew very little about Jesus, knew enough about Jesus to know that Jesus could forgive him of his wrongdoing. And Jesus, because of His character, His love, His goodness, He said today you will be with me in Paradise.

That same Jesus is the one who saves me from my sin, by offering forgiveness.

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