02 April 2013

{a walk through} psalm 27

I wrote some words for my sweet friend Amber. I'd love if you check them out today.

his voice

I wanted to take a minute to look back upon the first 3 months of the year and share some of my favourite words that I've written.

words on singleness and how I deal:
until tomorrow

thoughts on what the whole "unequally yoked" statement means:
unequal eggs

a part of my story I had never shared before:
the time I told my story

just a few more single girl thoughts:
how to honour your (future) husband

a VLOG AND more single girl thoughts (apparently I've got lots of those thoughts):
written down and spoken aloud, this is my heart

one of my most favourite ideas turned into reality:
a meetup of influential women

just maybe one of my most favourite posts I've ever written

speaking of favourites, this is my favourite in the series thus far
Psalm 25