18 April 2013

{a walk through} psalm 32 ((plus GIRL BEHIND THE BLOG VLOG DAY!!))

So today, like many days, I'm skipping writing words about the Psalm and just sharing a lovely little video with ya today because it is:



This month is hosted by Ashley and Mackenzie. I got to know both of them while sponsoring Ashley's blog a few months ago. I am inspired by both of them to be honest about what I believe. Ashley always hosted a video chat with her sponsors and I loved it because I got to see the funny sides of both Ashley and Mackenzie, and I got to be my silly self. If you somehow don't already read their blogs, please start right now. I promise you'll be encouraged and that you'll feel like you've met a friend.

Vlog day! I truly love this day. I look forward to it all month long and so when I saw it was passions outside of blogging, I got adequately grumpy because honestly, this space is one of my favourite places. It's what I talk about when people ask me what I'm excited about.

And while I share some things in the vlog below, I'd say my passions, in case you want the cliff notes:

-blogging (duh)
-having fun
-and then the over and encompassing truth that Jesus is in everything and my passion is learning how to share Him

NOW let's watch me act as awkward as ever!

But first. Fun fact: I'm wearing pj's not because I made this late last night but because I made this Sunday night, just mere moments after I had hopped into my owl jammies. Do you have owl jammies? You should. Mine have a matching top and bottom and they are very attractive.

Okay chatting over.